lalettredelaphotographie 29/06/2011

por. Catherine Tanazacq de Stigliano
Juan Sebastián Bruno (1975, Puebla, Mexico) is the winner of the Foster Catena prize 2010, awarded every year by this gallery in Buenos Aires, specialized in contemporary photography. The prize includes a solo show in the gallery next year, where Bruno will present Espacio Tiempo (Space Time), a series of photographs alongside objects.
Originally from the design arena, Juan Sebastián Bruno revisits in the exposed works the formal speech of the early 20th century avant-gardes, through the use materials and their relationship with fragility, a recurrent problematic in the contemporary art.
In the Download series, he explores the link between photography and abstraction, integrating two masters with experience in the field: Edward Weston and Alexander Rodchenko. Bruno overlaps abstract geometrical meaningless everyday objects with images from the two artists downloaded from the Internet. The new composition is thus photographed and integrated as objects in the fragile installations. Bruno mixes the formal aspect of object with its particular function, creating subtle links with photography, making reference to the content of the work of these two great photographers.